Face Blindness

So I finished writing a short story over a year after having the initial idea. The story is here:


The whole story came to me in a dream. I watched it like a movie, with the murderer turning out to by a colleague of mine at the time.

Writing the story caused me to look into Prosopagnosia in a little more depth. I’ve long suspected that I’m MUCH worse than average at recognising people and the stories of people who are diagnosed with the condition are very relatable to me. Whilst the story is an exaggeration of my issues with faces, the struggle at school of the character are not.

This week I watch the move “The Preditor” and was enthusing about it to my wife. She asked who was in it and I hadn’t recognised anyone.

  • It has Thomas Jane who plays Miller in The Expanse. I’ve seen every episode 2-3 times.
  • Alfie Allen (Theon Greyjoy). I’ve seen every GoT episode at least twice.
  • Captain Adama from BSG. Didn’t spot him.

That’s not normal, right? So I found an online test. It was basically impossible and I can’t believe anyone can tell those faces apart but apparently people can:

face memory test

So, I’m face blind and always have been. Knowing probably doesn’t change anything but it does make you feel better to have it confirmed.


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