Campfire Cookery for 30

We do a BBQ each year for 30-40 people and I think we’re getting quite good at catering for these numbers.

This year for variation, I did a campfire style stew that was super filling but still had the smokiness that is the essence of BBQ cooking. If you can’t taste the charcoal you cooked on you might as well have cooked in the kitchen.

To start with you need a MASSIVE pot:


This beauty was £40 from a local Asian supermarket and would serve a LOT of people.

The campfire stew I made was lamb in a red pepper sauce. They key is that everything is well smoked before it ends up in the pot:


This is a couple of lamb shoulders and a lot of red peppers, cut into chunks. They’ve all gone on the BBQ with some chunks of well soaked oak on the coals. The temperature is quite low and the lamb is directly over the coals. The peppers are receiving indirect heat. This produces a lot of smoke:


Next, fry up some onions, chili and garlic in the massive cooking pot. For authenticity this can be done on top of the BBQ although it doesn’t really matter:


Add the smoked red peppers and blend with a stick blender to make a rich, smokey red sauce. Add some cooked beans or pulses such as kidney beans or chick peas. If using dried, make sure you’ve soaked and cooked them properly – schoolboy error! The beans make for a high volume, inexpensive and filling stew. I also added a tonne of courgette to bulk it out as, like most people who grow their own, we have loads of the things.

Add the lamb and leave to simmer for a few hours. Do the usual touches according to taste – salt, pepper, chopped coriander. Serve in bowls, maybe with some torn up crusty bread. Enjoy!

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