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Too Good To Be True

It's not the way you walk
That makes me want to cry
The way you let your hips
Lilt restlessly aside

It's not the way your hair
Shines in the morning light
Like gold enwoven lace
A visual delight

It's not the way your eyes
Entice me to my fate
Like whirlpools in the sea
From which there's no escape

It's not the way you dress
With simple classic style
Your radiance unfurled
Effortless beguile

It's wonderful to meet
Person of my dreams
Image in my head
Living out my scenes
One thing I want to know
Are you really there
Or did I make you up?
Story of my life
Too good to be true
Where did you come from?

It's not the way you laugh
Like peeling wedding bells
Infectious with your joy
'Till all are overwhelmed

It's not your perfect lines
Of architectual grace
Are elegance defined
And worthy of all praise

Your looks are quite ornate
Of that I can't deny
Aesthetically elite
And pleasing to the eye

It's just the way you talk
That's giving you away
You're constant background noise
With nothing much to say