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Talking Shop

Another talking shop
We've been here before
Circling like prize fighters who've fought now 15 times or more

No decisions made
No solutions today
Just more of the same old story - nothing new to say

What happens now?
What happens now?

I'm in your shoes again
I'll walk a mile more
I can see your point of view no better than before

you are desensitised
I am insensitive
We fought for so long that there is nothing left to give

What happens now?
What happens now?
Another year?
A broken vow?

I can't go on
I won't return
My will is gone
The bridge is burned

Another talking shop
We are here again
Trying to slow the rate of our unstopable descent

We'll have another go
Worth fighting for
Tasting the reheated food we couldn't swallow before