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I have a feeling

A time and a place that's
Not of my choosing
I get the feeling
I'm not alone
Faces in shadows
Familiar voices
Paranoid frightened
A long way from home

 I didn't come here
For your forgiveness
I didn't come to
See you at all
But here I am now
Desperately searching
Looking for someone
I've never known

 It's all in your mind
It's all in the eyes

 I know how to find you
If I am able
To overcome my
Fear of the past
I don't want to see you
If I can't have you so
Why am I looking
For you in a bar?

 Each person I pass
Looks a bit more familiar
I think I can see her
All on her own
Just walk away don't
Look over your shoulder
You don't belong here
Get out of the door