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7 Years

Do you know how it feels?
Looking you in the eye
Listening to you 
Say regrets and goodbyes

See the world through my eyes
See your truths and your lies
I wonder if you ever
Stopped to realise

Suddenly the futures open
Rules have changed the mould has broken
Need to find the strength to move on
See the world or settle down
Climb the ladder or move around
I don't know if I can love again

Do you know how it feels
Staring down at the waste
Looking down at the waste
Looking back age 30
At time I'll never replace

Do you know how it feels 
Living in the past
Raking over each memory
Trying to make it last

With no choice but to move on 
I'll take my chances and get along
Who knows I may come again one day
It's your loss that's what they'll say
Gave it up when you ran away
Keep your world your live your house your friends

7 years of sharing sorrow
7 years of no tomorrow
7 years of moving together
7 years of ever and ever
7 years have gone to fast
7 years that I thought would last
7 years to start again
7 years for the hurt to mend